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What a great time to buy!

Financing: Mortgage interest rates are still very low.  We would suggest a Mortgage Broker to get the best rate from a variety of sources.  Mortgage brokers usually deal with 50+ different mortgage companies and can shop for the best interest rate at the best price while getting your loan closed in a shorter period of time.  Click here for our recommendations.

The Market:  Home prices are still in an upward climb! When you begin looking at homes, you may find that many of the homes you are interested in will end up with multiple offers on the property. This is when we will take a look at the comps, find out how many other offers there are on that property and then help you bid accordingly. The highest price, best good faith deposit money and the highest down payment usually determines who the seller  will choose.

Short Sales: A short sale occurs when a bank agrees to take less for the home than what is currently owed, due to a seller's hardship. Short sales are at a low right now, with home prices rising as much as they have most homes have enough equity to sell and still make money.  

Forclosures: Foreclosures are bank-owned homes. When purchasing a forclosure the buyer needs to do their due diligance of home inspections, termite inspections etc. Once a home has been forclosed on there are no sellers in the picture any more to disclose anything about the home, so a good home inspection is always highly recommended. 

Why buy now: Interest rates are still very low, however more increases are expected this year!   


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Lynneve 661-297-5548
Megan 661-313-3193

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